Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Werewolf Woman

Werewolf Woman - 1976, VHS
Rino Di Silvestro

Do you really like werewolf movies, but hate not seeing throats getting ripped out by a naked woman every five minutes? Congratulations, me, because it turns out that decision to google “Italian werewolf exploitation” totally paid off. Mostly, anyway. Werewolf Woman may start out with a (completely nude, dancing) woman who turns into a (nude) werewolf, but the rest of the movie is about a woman still traumatized after being raped at 13, who just thinks she’s a werewolf and rips out some throats as a result. At least until she’s cured by the love of a stuntman. Eventually, she gets raped again, though, and suddenly it turns into a revenge picture, and by the end of the movie, it’s hard to remember why the word “Werewolf” is included in the title. But it’s great! I may have been disappointed it didn’t turn out to be an actual werewolf movie, but instead I was pleased by how much it reminded me of the brilliant Vampire’s Kiss. It trades humor and focus for gore and tits, but those things are about equal, so I’ll take it. This is a very good movie.

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